FOUND: Looking chipper

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Why a Chipper Jones gif? Why not a Chipper Jones gif.

Hope your summer is as action-packed as ours – without nearly the amount of monsoon weather.

Quote: George Jones

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“I would like to be remembered as a singer who stayed true to country music and did it my way.”

- George Jones in the new Billboard article about his final tour and (Dolly Parton!) album

Found: Notes from Cash

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Another great note from Johnny to June, who come in a close third-place in my classic country couples behind George/Tammy and Dolly/Porter.

Would be beautiful framed, no?

Make: Ikat Pumpkin

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We kicked off fall this weekend with two concerts, a tailgate, half a football game and a trip to the farmers market. And pumpkin beer.

Speaking of pumpkins, I grabbed two at the farmers market Sunday morning. The grey one was kind of gorgeous on its own, but the white one begged for a little something else. With NFL football on in the background, I tried my hand at an ikat pumpkin.

It was a pretty easy process: Sketch out the big and small diamonds, with a smaller diamond inside each. With uneven strokes, fill in the inner line of the big diamond, then the outside line of the smaller diamond. I found leaving the diamonds unfilled got a closer ikat-type print. I think a variation of color, like black and grey or navy and turquoise would get it even closer.

Happy fall!

Cue: An engagement, wedding, surgery and a move

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Why, hello there! It’s been so long, it took me a good three tries to correctly log in to this blog of mine. But do I have the best excuses…

Just one week after my last post back in February, Ben and I took a long weekend to Charleston, SC, and managed to come back engaged. It’s a romantic town, what can I say?

From there, it’s been a wild ride. I’ll tell you one thing – for all of a wedding’s craziness, there’s no better excuse for months and months of celebrating with friends and family. Hands down, between our engagement party, showers (including one particuarly boozy night at Big Boss Brewery), Bachelorette parties, wedding rehearsal and the big day, it was the busiest, happiest summer of our lives.

Throw in a torn ACL, post-wedding surgery, my little brother’s move to college here in Raleigh, and that about rounds things out. Oh, and the move from my place to his – with the help of our parents.

Yep, that’s about it.

And just as all of the celebratory haze starts to wear off, a blog post like this one from A Darling Day, the crazy talented stylist who made our wedding into the elegant honky tonk tailgate I envisioned, it all comes rushing back.

The gorgeous photos below, looking out over Lake Lure from our perch on Chimney Rock, is by A Darling Day’s Jessica Barley. (Seriously, folks, snap her up – she’s based out of GA/SC, and does photography in addition to her vintage rentals and styling.) Check out her recap of some of the details of the day.

Make: Note, by Johnny Cash

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I especially like number three.

Via Letters of Note.

Make: A little love

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Hank Williams, Conway Twitty and Willie Nelson. And me.

You can bet I picked this baby up – via the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Cue: Domino jubilation!

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It’s baaaaaaaack! Sort of.